Since I have had quite a bit of time on my hands, but not loads of money to entertain myself, I have been thrifting my way through the Detroit metro.  I have gone to all the thrift stores with in a 20 mile radius, and I have had soooo much fun.  I guess I love the thrill of finding treasures and even more with my new house to fill.  So here are a few of my favorite ‘treasures’ that I found:

This vase was marked as $6 which I thought was a steal for something that I did not have to alter (I think it is from Target originally), but when I got to the front it was 50%.  Wahooo!  I did not realize that all the decorative items were 50% I would have bought sooo much more if I had known while I was browsing, but the baby was getting fussy by the time I was checking out.

This frame I bought for $1, because it had the 1/2 off sticker color of the week.  It says on the back that it was handmade from driftwood.  It doesn’t look so bad in the picture, but it is pretty dinged up, so I am going to paint it when I have time.  I have been eyeing these frames from Pottery Barn Kids:

I think that with some paint this frame could look very similar, the problem is that I forgot to pack paint brushes and painters tape.  Also, I have resolved to not buy things that I know I have at our other house so I will just have to wait until Sunday when my things are being moved into our new house!

This was my first thrifting purchase here.  I could not resist, although now I am working through some ideas for Gab’s room and it doesn’t fit the color scheme.  I know I can put it in the play room in the basement.  It is so cute I almost don’t want to use it as a cubby/shelf because then the turtle will be hidden.

While I am on finds for Gabs, here are things I found while sort-of-thrifting:

It was more like dumpster diving.  I was out walking the dog and I saw these in another apartment’s trash.  First I wondered whether they were really throwing these away, and then the next time I walked the dog I decided that since they were still there it was a sign.  So I grabbed them and went running to my apartment (I know I looked so creepy).  They were covered in fur and a little bit stained, but nothing that a little vacuuming and cleaning didn’t undo.  Besides these I also found this:

It also had all the bins that fit on it.  One dowel was missing and another one was broken, but that is a really easy fix once we get in the house.  I’m thinking of putting this downstairs in our new basement playroom.  Anyway if this was your garage, I swear I am not crazy.  I just thought that I could use it.

Have any of you gone dumpster diving?


Textured Vase

So again lets take a little detour from the home tour. I’ve been lurking around all the local thrift stores looking for things to spray paint lately. Spray painting is my thang lately (Although it is not really the time of year for spray painting.) In my hunts I found a $.50 plastic, pea green vase and I thought that it would be the perfect piece for experimentation.

I ran the first two experiments sans pictures because I was too excited to see what would happen, really I should not have been all that excited because I ended up with this:

  • Experiment 1- Spray Paint Dark Blue; Result- Failure (Too Dark)

I had some cheap blue spray paint and it was not good after I painted it all wrong.

  • Experiment 2- Spray Paint over Light Blue; Result- Better but boring

Then I thought I could put a light layer of light blue over the darker color and get some sort of textured. That failed too.

Then I remembered a post in Thrifty Decor Chick, were Sarah wrapped a cheap vase in jute and it turned out fabulous. (here) So, since I did not have any jute, I used the same cheap neutral yarn that I had on hand. I used tacky glue and an old paintbrush to apply it. I worked in about 1 inch increments slowly winding the yarn.

  • Experiment 3- Wrap in Yarn; Result- Almost there (Needs something else)

After this step the vase was starting to look much better, however I really wished that I had painted the vase white before I wound the yarn. So, I thought oh well I will paint it white now, so I spray painted the whole shabang.

  • Experiment 4- Spray Paint yarn white; Result: Sucess!

Not bad for less than a dollar.  This should be a good addition to my current family room project.  Here are some pics of an arrangement I was thinking about using:

Have a good night!


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