Ideas for the Baby’s Room

One of the great and exciting things about being pregnant is decorating the nursery.  I had a lot of fun the first time and now that I am experienced I have even more ideas!

A little background on the upstairs of our house; we have four bedrooms upstairs, our master bedroom plus two rooms about the same size and one smaller one.  Originally I put Gabs in the room closest to our bedroom because I thought it would be a couple years before we had another baby.  Well SURPRISE, we do not have that much time.  So, last weekend Gabs moved into the other larger room across the hall (I was a little worried but Gabs is adjusting well to the move, I’m not sure she even noticed the change.)

Here is what the room looked like while Gabs was still in it:

White Baby Room

White Nursery

I think the general arrangement will be the same.  Another angle:

White Nursery 2

White Nursery 2

The dresser is actually Gab’s and has already been moved into her new room.  I am going to move the changing table back in here that matches the crib set.  The fabric on the chair was my previous inpiration, but I have changed my mind since then.

The room is a very blank canvas; really, incredibly, white.  Which I suppose is good nothing strange to hide or change from the previous owner.

My paint vision is a darker pink, like this:

Pink Wall Color Inspiration found on

Pink Wall Color Inspiration found on

Pink Nursery found here.

I want to make sure that the pink has a good gray undertone so it is not too bright or bold. With the white trim, white doors, white furniture and white fan the room can pull off some color.  I told Hubs it was going to be pink but I do not think he knows how dark, anyway it is just paint and can always be changed if it is too dark.

The bookcase is really cheap from target. (I think it was $25 around back to college time.)  I am thinking of taking the animal wrapping paper off the back and stenciling a geometric design in mostly white, but with a bold accent color. Also Censational girl recently blogged about covering holes with spackling to make a bookcase look more custom, which I definetly want to copy.  Plus I would also like to add a little bit of trim to the top and edges.

I was inspired by this canvas on project nursery:

Wall Decor Inspiration

Wall Decor Inspiration

Actually I this room was a little bit of deja vu evoking.  The layout of the room is exactly like my nursery and the furniture was arrnaged in exactly the same way as mine.  Plus I have the same rocking chair.  Weird, or at least I found it weird.  Anyway, back to the canvas, I wanted to put something very colorful above the crib, but nothing heavy incase that it falls.  I am thinking of cutting silhouettes of flowers out of coordinating fabric and heat bonding and possibly stitching them on to a larger piece of fabric.  Then either stretching it over a thin frame or over a cork or foam board.  Also I’m not sure if I will do one big board or 3 long thin ones.  I guess I am still in brainstorming mode for this one.

Window Treatment inspiration

Window Treeatment inspiration

I found this picture on project nursery and love the pattern on the shades.  I am thinking of doing something similar with a faux shade, but hopefully I can find a pattern that is reverse of this one; with more white and the details in pink.  Also I love the little pattern on the changing table pad.

I still do not know what to put over the changing table.  I have a collection of white display shelves that might work with some frames or canvases.

Anyone have experience decorating a second nursery?  Was it more fun, easier, or did you use your first nursery?


The ‘Guest Bedroom’


To start my blog I would like to take you all on a tour of my house. I’ll show you how it was when I bought it, what it looks like now, and what I hope to do in the future. We bought our house 2 years ago in December.  It was built in 1985 and sort of stuck there, plus the previous owner had an affinity for borders and tropical foliage which really did not fit my taste.

Let’s start with the guest bedroom, which has gone through the most transformation so far.  These are pictures of the room as it was during house hunting:


 See what I mean about the tropical Decor.  The wall color looks decent in the picture, but in reality it was a peachy brown in HIGH gloss, you could see your reflection in the walls.


 After we bought some furniture for the master bedroom, we moved our ‘found’ college apartment furniture into this room.  Sorry Grandma and Grandpa, you know the bed you always slept on in our house, well it was found on the curb by Hubs (a.k.a. my husband).  He figured it was fine since he found it when he went to his apartment for lunch and it had not been there when he left for class in the morning, plus he febreezed it.

 Also I painted over the shiny peach and painted all the trim and the closet door white (I know you are not supposed to paint wood, but I hate golden oak)

 This picture is a little blurry, but it is the only one I have.


Then this lil’ monster came along:

Then we suddenly needed a nursery.  I was so excited to find out the sex of the baby so I could start decorating, but when I finally knew my motivation to paint was zlitch, the room color stayed the same.  It is pretty neutral so I don’t really mind it; however I probably could have found a better color.  Anyway this first picture is of Gabs’s dresser, which was actually my baby dresser.  I sanded it down, repainted it and found some new hardware for the 4 bottom drawers.  I know it is small but it is really perfect for her little clothes.  The picture above it was a present from my grandma for Christmas.  I’m not a black fan (I prefer brown, don’t know why) but there was nothing there and the size fit so well that it is there for now.


 The next picture is Gabs’s changing table.  I bought the changing table, crib and mattress from Walmart for $250, it was a really good deal.  I really liked the diaper baskets, they are so nice and big and were $11 from Gordman’s.  The pictures above are actually the same frames that were in there before that I painted white.  I bought the frames in high school when I worked at Kmart and they were having a super clearance event.  I remember paying 50cents for each of three frames. (Although when I think about that is too cheap maybe I’m  exaggerating.)  I made the two pictures out of scrapbook paper glued onto brown craft paper.  I was trying so hard to find some prints that I liked, but I found that all the little girl images (at least where I was looking) were really cheesy.   Either way the whole project was free for me since I already had the frames with mattes, paint, craft paper, glue, and scrapbook paper from Baby shower thank you notes. Free is really the best way to go, it makes things prettier


 Oh, also my kitty Alex (a.k.a. Fuzzy Butt) is in this picture.  This is not his best picture, although he is not particularly photogenic anyway, he always looks upset in pictures. The next picture is of her crib and book shelf.  The crib does not have a bumper because of the SIDS recommendations, but a friend of mine lent me one which matches the room quite well and I have been thinking about putting it on.  I love the polka dot polka dot (if that makes any sense) stickers above the crib.  I bought all of them for $5.99 at T. J. Maxx.  The bookshelf is a little bit of a sore spot.  I found one that I fell in love with on, but when I went to order it, it was out of stock.  I called the ordering number, the store, everything and I always got the same answer that it was out of stock, but not discontinued.  I waited a couple months and nothing, so I bought this bookshelf for $25 and thought I could use it for storage if I see the other one in stock.  It looked so sad that I covered the back in baby wrapping paper.  This was all about a week before she was born.  Then a couple weeks after she was born, hubs was looking on line and there was the bookshelf that I wanted in stock.  Darn!  I might buy it later, but I put so much work into this one it is staying for now.


 There’s Gabs just chilling in the bottom of that picture, chewing on her Minney Mouse.  You can see her awesome crazy hair that is always sticking up in every direction. The next pic is her shelf with stuffed animals.  I had the shelf in my closet goodwill find for $1.99 and put some stuffed animals on the shelf.  The lion’s name is Nayarit which is the state in Mexico that we stayed in and bought the lion during our ‘Babymoon’


The last picture is of the pillow I made while pregnant for the rocking chair.  I’m little sad I thought I had a picture of the whole thing, but I guess I just have the detail one.


Stay tuned for another room tour.

Thrifty Decor Chick