Hello, I’m back!

Things were a little hectic for a while (many new things.)  I started a new job which brings many other new things and we found out that we will be having a new little one in the end of March.  Which is very excited, but it made me very sick for a while, which kept me confined to the couch for a few months.  I’m feeling great now and adjusted to my new job, so I am ready to re-join the blogging community.

I know it is a little late for New Year’s resolutions, anyway I guess mine is more of a goal anyway.  My huge project is to paint and move all 4 of our bedrooms around upstairs before the new baby is born.  Currently our 18 month old is in the bedroom closet to our room and we have two guest rooms.  I want to move her into the larger of the two guest rooms and move the guest furniture to the other room.

So far I have painted our room, but it needs decorating, since it is huge and there is nothing on the wall:

Gab’s new room needs the queen bed moved out. The wall color is rather neutral, so I just need to move her dresser, buy a bed and decorate:

I just finished painting the smaller guest room.  It is currently has a twin bed, which I need to have moved down to the playroom and move the queen bed in here and decorate:

Lastly, I need to paint the baby’s room, and move all the baby stuff in here from the basement and decorate:

So here is the grand list in order:

  • Move contents of guest room downstairs
  • Move queen bed and night table into the guest room
  • Move Gabs dresser and crib (temporarily) into her new room
  • Paint baby’s room
  • Move everything back in Baby’s room
  • Decorate all 4 bedrooms

Whew!  I’m being positive and I think it can be done before March 28th!

Do you think I can do it? Do you normally meet your goals, or do your goals become more realistic as the deadline approaches?

Guest room in progress

Guest room in progress