Guest Bathroom

I know that I have been MIA for a week and half, but things got crazy again.  We moved into our new house and I am finally able to see the light from unpacking and and organizing.  In the middle of everything my parents came into town for memorial day weekend and I have been interviewing for jobs.  So, even though I am not working I am so busy!

Anyway, I would like to share the one room that is ‘done’ for now.  The previous owner painted the room a nice neutral color that matched my new shower curtain that I had purchased for staging my old house.  There was no hand towel or bath towel hook or rack, which was really strange.  I think that the previous owners did not have children using that bathroom, because I don’t know how you have a bathroom with out towel racks.  (Also strange was that there was no toilet paper holder in the master bathroom.)  So we went to Homegoods and bought some nice holders for very reasonable prices and installed them.  Seriously it took only about an hour to install all three.

Here are the new Pics:

I like that this bathroom has a window in it, when we were looking at houses this was one of the pluses of this house.  Even the nail on the wall for the picture was in a decent spot, so I used the picture that I had in my family room bathroom from the old house.  The thing that I don’t understand from this bathroom are all the builder grade features.  The rest of the house has granite and cherry cabinets, and upgrade light fixtures.   Actually it is probably difficult to see in the pictures but the floor has a very standard almost dated, pink tile that continues through to the back of the tub, which is weird since the house was just built 5 years ago.  Anyway there plans for this bathroom, but for the present it is good.

This picture shows off my new towel holders.  There really wasn’t a place for a bath towel rack, and since for right now this is just a guest bathroom, we installed a towel hook.  This picture also shows off my bathroom closet, which I love.  Although with 4 bathrooms in the house and three of them full, I am a little short on towels.  So, I guess the closet isn’t very full, but we have lots of storage when we need it.

I know not all that exciting, since I didn’t do much in here, but it is a start.  It is great to have one room organized.  I am currently working on the office, but it is a diaster.  I found a color that I love, but I ran out of paint, so I had it mixed again and I waited a couple of days before I had time to paint again.  I stirred the paint and painted a second coat, but it was too dark, which upset me since I had the can from Lowe’s and gave it to the paint lady and she mixed it exactly to the previous formula.  So after a day or two of grumpiness, I sucked it up and touched it up, but the color was too light.  So now I think it was my fault for not stirring the paint properly.  I hope that is the problem.  I have painted soooooo many rooms before and never run into this problem. Look:

It is a little difficult to see in the picture, but it looks bad!  So FRUSTRATING!!!  Anyway I guess the plan is to get another gallon of paint and paint immediately after it is mixed in the store.  Anyone else have this happen to them?  What did you do?



Bathroom Update

I know I have been gone for awhile, but everything got really crazy all at once!  For a couple of weeks in the beginning of March we went to visit Hub’s family and introduce Gabs in Colombia.  It was so wonderful and oh so warm!

There is my sleeping beauty taking a name on Hubs at the resort.

Then when hubs checked his messages back in the states, he had one from a company in the Detroit metro offering him a position at their company.  Long story short (and lots of craziness in between) in 4 weeks we put the house on the market, moved into corporate housing, found a new house, and have a closing date in two weeks.  That would be the reason there are no posts for such a long time.  We had mixed feelings about our departure, it was sad to leave our house, our jobs, our friends and family, but also nice to have fresh start and lots of new oppurtunities.  We left the house that we have put soooo much work into, but on the upside we are buying a much nicer, newer and way larger house.

One thing the move did was force me to finish all my house projects.  I found that it was much easier to make house decisions thinking about it as staging instead our home decor.  One of the rooms that went from just some ideas to finished in less than a week was our upstairs bathroom.  Do you remember what it looked like before?

It is a very long, thin room, and very difficult to photograph.  This is from the entrance and here is a picture of the vanity:

I tore the border down, which was really not difficult at all.  I think that all the moisture from steam in the bathroom had really helped loosen it up, because by far it was the easiest border to remove in the whole house. Then I removed all the cabinet doors and drawers, painted them and the cabinet backs, plus the trim.  I ended up painting the vanity a dark brown instead of my usual white because I did not want to change the white counter-top.  Then I painted the room a very neutral color and here is the final result:

I covered the eighties style shower doors with a blue shower curtain from Kohl’s and finally installed the bamboo shade.

You can see the painted vanity a little bit in this picture.  I didn’t change the light or the mirror, but I did install a new towel rack.  Actually I got a really good deal on that one, $10 at TJ Maxx. If I was going to stay in this house I would have put a picture above the towel rack, but since it was just for staging purposes, I left it free.  A buyer can imagine their own picture there.

This is a little better picture of the Brown painted vanity.  I used the same hardware that I had used around the house except in brushed nickel.  I was so pleased with this look, I am thinking about doing this to a few of the builder grade vanities in our new house.

Have any of you tried to paint a vanity a different color?  Did you like the result?

Home Stories A2Z

Upstairs Bathroom

Warning! Currently this is the ugliest room in the house, but I feel I need to document it in its present state. (It makes for better before and after pictures, right?)

Here is a picture from house hunting:

Our only update was removing this horrendous 80’s trend:

I really don’t understand the double hanging chain lights. The amazing part is that this light was still present in the house in 2009.

So this is our bathroom in its current state. Notice the peeling border, the 80’s shower doors, the golden oak cabinetry, and white walls. Since this is one of the most used rooms in the house, I’m not sure why I saved it for last to redo.

It looks almost the same, just minus some decorating touches from the previous owner.

My dad helped us switch the light fixture in here to something more modern and we switched out the mirror for one we bought at Gordman’s. I do love my new, tear-drop, white soap dispenser from target for $5.

We have really strange vanities in our house. Under all the sinks the cabinets are sort of concave (I don’t know maybe it’s room for your feet?) Also in this bathroom the sink is not centered, which is a little strange looking but it is nice how much counter space that we gain. We were looking at putting one of those pre-sized solid surface counter tops in here, but none have the sink positioned where ours is so we would either need a custom counter or a new vanity, neither is cheap. So we are kind of just procrastinating on making a decision. I do want to paint my vanity for sure. I was thinking about white like the bathroom downstairs, but I was inspired by Just a girl’s post on her Coastal Bathroom and I was really thinking about painting the vanity dark brown and the rest of the cabinets white.

I love this bathroom. It is so cute and totally my style. We will see if my bathroom comes out anything like this.

Well off to bed, I hope to have a craft post tomorrow.




Family Room Bathroom

Our house has two full bathrooms which is really nice when we have company. We have one bathroom by the bedrooms, but the other one is connected to the family room which is a little weird, a long way to go to the bedrooms in a towel. In my dream house I want a master bath. Anyway this bathroom was the furthest from my decorating taste when we moved in:

Just look at my face, I am not liking the decor. I especially loved all the shells in the room. Do you see the shell hanging on the left and there was something similar on window as well. Also the border and the wall paper were shellish too. I ripped the wall paper down only to find more wallpaper below it (a plaidish design) and painted all the woodwork white. I had my dad change the light and the mirror and this is what we have now:

The sink is still a little weirdly shaped. I think it was trendy in the 80’s along with all the light grey bathroom fixtures. The color is really not that bad, but we are running into problems because of it. The previous owner replaced the toilet seat and was not able to get one of the same color, so they bought cream. (It is not even close), anyway we looked for a seat in a similar color with the same shape and we can’t find one either so I think that we might need to just buy a whole new toilet. I would love to change the countertop to a solid surface one, but it is not in the budget right now. I love my dark espresso bamboo blinds, I think it gives a really great texture. Notice from the last post that this bathroom is the same color as my master bedroom. I originally tried to paint it light blue, but since it is a small space with a lot of walls it was almost glowing blue, then I had the paint people tint the paint darker and that did not work either, so in frustration I tried some extra paint from the bedroom and it was perfect.

This is the shower curtain that I bought from Bed Bath and Beyond for $14.99 plus $5 off with a coupon. It actually helps tie in the grey of the fixtures and best of all hides the 80’s shower doors behind it. The other thing I need besides a new toilet is more things on the walls.

This picture highlights my bare walls. I’m thinking fabric or scrapbook paper covering canvases. Oh well on my to-do list, at least I documented a starting point.