Ideas for the Baby’s Room

One of the great and exciting things about being pregnant is decorating the nursery.  I had a lot of fun the first time and now that I am experienced I have even more ideas!

A little background on the upstairs of our house; we have four bedrooms upstairs, our master bedroom plus two rooms about the same size and one smaller one.  Originally I put Gabs in the room closest to our bedroom because I thought it would be a couple years before we had another baby.  Well SURPRISE, we do not have that much time.  So, last weekend Gabs moved into the other larger room across the hall (I was a little worried but Gabs is adjusting well to the move, I’m not sure she even noticed the change.)

Here is what the room looked like while Gabs was still in it:

White Baby Room

White Nursery

I think the general arrangement will be the same.  Another angle:

White Nursery 2

White Nursery 2

The dresser is actually Gab’s and has already been moved into her new room.  I am going to move the changing table back in here that matches the crib set.  The fabric on the chair was my previous inpiration, but I have changed my mind since then.

The room is a very blank canvas; really, incredibly, white.  Which I suppose is good nothing strange to hide or change from the previous owner.

My paint vision is a darker pink, like this:

Pink Wall Color Inspiration found on

Pink Wall Color Inspiration found on

Pink Nursery found here.

I want to make sure that the pink has a good gray undertone so it is not too bright or bold. With the white trim, white doors, white furniture and white fan the room can pull off some color.  I told Hubs it was going to be pink but I do not think he knows how dark, anyway it is just paint and can always be changed if it is too dark.

The bookcase is really cheap from target. (I think it was $25 around back to college time.)  I am thinking of taking the animal wrapping paper off the back and stenciling a geometric design in mostly white, but with a bold accent color. Also Censational girl recently blogged about covering holes with spackling to make a bookcase look more custom, which I definetly want to copy.  Plus I would also like to add a little bit of trim to the top and edges.

I was inspired by this canvas on project nursery:

Wall Decor Inspiration

Wall Decor Inspiration

Actually I this room was a little bit of deja vu evoking.  The layout of the room is exactly like my nursery and the furniture was arrnaged in exactly the same way as mine.  Plus I have the same rocking chair.  Weird, or at least I found it weird.  Anyway, back to the canvas, I wanted to put something very colorful above the crib, but nothing heavy incase that it falls.  I am thinking of cutting silhouettes of flowers out of coordinating fabric and heat bonding and possibly stitching them on to a larger piece of fabric.  Then either stretching it over a thin frame or over a cork or foam board.  Also I’m not sure if I will do one big board or 3 long thin ones.  I guess I am still in brainstorming mode for this one.

Window Treatment inspiration

Window Treeatment inspiration

I found this picture on project nursery and love the pattern on the shades.  I am thinking of doing something similar with a faux shade, but hopefully I can find a pattern that is reverse of this one; with more white and the details in pink.  Also I love the little pattern on the changing table pad.

I still do not know what to put over the changing table.  I have a collection of white display shelves that might work with some frames or canvases.

Anyone have experience decorating a second nursery?  Was it more fun, easier, or did you use your first nursery?



Hello, I’m back!

Things were a little hectic for a while (many new things.)  I started a new job which brings many other new things and we found out that we will be having a new little one in the end of March.  Which is very excited, but it made me very sick for a while, which kept me confined to the couch for a few months.  I’m feeling great now and adjusted to my new job, so I am ready to re-join the blogging community.

I know it is a little late for New Year’s resolutions, anyway I guess mine is more of a goal anyway.  My huge project is to paint and move all 4 of our bedrooms around upstairs before the new baby is born.  Currently our 18 month old is in the bedroom closet to our room and we have two guest rooms.  I want to move her into the larger of the two guest rooms and move the guest furniture to the other room.

So far I have painted our room, but it needs decorating, since it is huge and there is nothing on the wall:

Gab’s new room needs the queen bed moved out. The wall color is rather neutral, so I just need to move her dresser, buy a bed and decorate:

I just finished painting the smaller guest room.  It is currently has a twin bed, which I need to have moved down to the playroom and move the queen bed in here and decorate:

Lastly, I need to paint the baby’s room, and move all the baby stuff in here from the basement and decorate:

So here is the grand list in order:

  • Move contents of guest room downstairs
  • Move queen bed and night table into the guest room
  • Move Gabs dresser and crib (temporarily) into her new room
  • Paint baby’s room
  • Move everything back in Baby’s room
  • Decorate all 4 bedrooms

Whew!  I’m being positive and I think it can be done before March 28th!

Do you think I can do it? Do you normally meet your goals, or do your goals become more realistic as the deadline approaches?

Guest room in progress

Guest room in progress

Guest Bathroom

I know that I have been MIA for a week and half, but things got crazy again.  We moved into our new house and I am finally able to see the light from unpacking and and organizing.  In the middle of everything my parents came into town for memorial day weekend and I have been interviewing for jobs.  So, even though I am not working I am so busy!

Anyway, I would like to share the one room that is ‘done’ for now.  The previous owner painted the room a nice neutral color that matched my new shower curtain that I had purchased for staging my old house.  There was no hand towel or bath towel hook or rack, which was really strange.  I think that the previous owners did not have children using that bathroom, because I don’t know how you have a bathroom with out towel racks.  (Also strange was that there was no toilet paper holder in the master bathroom.)  So we went to Homegoods and bought some nice holders for very reasonable prices and installed them.  Seriously it took only about an hour to install all three.

Here are the new Pics:

I like that this bathroom has a window in it, when we were looking at houses this was one of the pluses of this house.  Even the nail on the wall for the picture was in a decent spot, so I used the picture that I had in my family room bathroom from the old house.  The thing that I don’t understand from this bathroom are all the builder grade features.  The rest of the house has granite and cherry cabinets, and upgrade light fixtures.   Actually it is probably difficult to see in the pictures but the floor has a very standard almost dated, pink tile that continues through to the back of the tub, which is weird since the house was just built 5 years ago.  Anyway there plans for this bathroom, but for the present it is good.

This picture shows off my new towel holders.  There really wasn’t a place for a bath towel rack, and since for right now this is just a guest bathroom, we installed a towel hook.  This picture also shows off my bathroom closet, which I love.  Although with 4 bathrooms in the house and three of them full, I am a little short on towels.  So, I guess the closet isn’t very full, but we have lots of storage when we need it.

I know not all that exciting, since I didn’t do much in here, but it is a start.  It is great to have one room organized.  I am currently working on the office, but it is a diaster.  I found a color that I love, but I ran out of paint, so I had it mixed again and I waited a couple of days before I had time to paint again.  I stirred the paint and painted a second coat, but it was too dark, which upset me since I had the can from Lowe’s and gave it to the paint lady and she mixed it exactly to the previous formula.  So after a day or two of grumpiness, I sucked it up and touched it up, but the color was too light.  So now I think it was my fault for not stirring the paint properly.  I hope that is the problem.  I have painted soooooo many rooms before and never run into this problem. Look:

It is a little difficult to see in the picture, but it looks bad!  So FRUSTRATING!!!  Anyway I guess the plan is to get another gallon of paint and paint immediately after it is mixed in the store.  Anyone else have this happen to them?  What did you do?