9 squares

I painted one of the walls in my family room chocolate brown and was having trouble figuring out what to put on that wall.  Then I saw this project on Thrifty Decor Chick’s archives and I thought it would be perfect.  I did tweek things a little bit but I pretty much followed her instructions.

I had these boards cut at lowe’s.  I want to give a shout out to the nice man who helped the lady with the baby cut all the squares of particle board.  He could not figure out what I was up to but he gave me way more than the 2 free cuts that the sign said I was allowed.

Then I  went to Micheal’s and found some scrapbook paper that I liked:

I tried to spray paint the edges a blue color so it would stand out from the wall, but it was somewhat of a disaster, so instead I cut strips of a neutral color of the paper and modgepodged them on the sides to cover the particle board (and the blue spray paint mess.) In the end it was a little bumpy but it looked good, so I modgepodged the main paper on the front of all the boards.  The problem was that not all my boards were exactly 12″ x12″ so the fit was not perfect, but I made due.

Then Sarah actually nailed her squares to the wall, hubs said, “No.” to that idea, so I put hangy bracket things on all the backs and put nine nails on the walls.  Everything was measured perfectly and I even used a level, but due to the difference in the board sizes it is not quite perfect.

But I love it!  Hubs not exactly in love (I think engineering brain again) but he will come around.  I like that it adds color to the wall and works with the dark brown.

Another picture just for fun.

I will be down with my family room sooner or later, I swear.  I need to stop procrastinating!

Good night!


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