Geometric Pillow

On Friday I had to take a half day to watch the baby and by some miracle she slept for almost the whole afternoon, so I took advantage of this time and attempted to make a pillow I had in mind to try for awhile.

I saw this pillow in the West Elm catalog:

I really liked the idea of he layered felt and I was planning on trying to make it, then I saw the knock off version at Target:

And I actually preferred this one. Since I did not know how this project would go I dug out some felt that I found at my favorite small town thrift store. I found the price tag on the felt:

I had to take a picture of the tag. I bought about a yard of felt for only $.75, what a great deal. I had a pillow that I had made a while back that did not work out and it was a 16″ by 16″. I cut two squares of felt 18″ x 18″. Doing some rough calculations, I figured I would need 3.5″ diameter circles in order to run five across the diagonal. I searched my house with my ruler measuring circular items until I had something with a 3.5″ diameter. The winner was my coffee cup.

I traced approximately 40 circles.

Then I cut them all out. I would recommended some good sewing scissors for this because the better the cut the better the pillow will turn out.

Then I folded one of the large squares of felt on diagonal and measured 1.75″ (Half the diameter of the circles) off center of the diagonal and started my line. Each circle I fold over itself in thirds and sewed it on trying to keep my line as straight as possible. Then where two circles meet I placed another one perpendicular until I had filled my square. I sewed the pillow with the right sides of the fabric facing each other together using a 1″ seam allowance and leaving an opening to stuff the pillow. I trimmed some of the seams, pulled the pillow right side out, stuffed it, and slip stitched the opening closed.

In the end the pattern came out like this:

A little crooked, I know, but a good start. I learned a couple of thing through out this process, first of all measuring would probably be better than guessing and that as I lay down the folded circles, the flap could go one of two ways and the direction of those flaps actually changed the design slightly.

Anyway here is the finished product on my chair and half:

Not bad for $.75 of fun!

If anyone else has attempted this pillow let me know what tips and tricks helped you.


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