Upstairs Bathroom

Warning! Currently this is the ugliest room in the house, but I feel I need to document it in its present state. (It makes for better before and after pictures, right?)

Here is a picture from house hunting:

Our only update was removing this horrendous 80’s trend:

I really don’t understand the double hanging chain lights. The amazing part is that this light was still present in the house in 2009.

So this is our bathroom in its current state. Notice the peeling border, the 80’s shower doors, the golden oak cabinetry, and white walls. Since this is one of the most used rooms in the house, I’m not sure why I saved it for last to redo.

It looks almost the same, just minus some decorating touches from the previous owner.

My dad helped us switch the light fixture in here to something more modern and we switched out the mirror for one we bought at Gordman’s. I do love my new, tear-drop, white soap dispenser from target for $5.

We have really strange vanities in our house. Under all the sinks the cabinets are sort of concave (I don’t know maybe it’s room for your feet?) Also in this bathroom the sink is not centered, which is a little strange looking but it is nice how much counter space that we gain. We were looking at putting one of those pre-sized solid surface counter tops in here, but none have the sink positioned where ours is so we would either need a custom counter or a new vanity, neither is cheap. So we are kind of just procrastinating on making a decision. I do want to paint my vanity for sure. I was thinking about white like the bathroom downstairs, but I was inspired by Just a girl’s post on her Coastal Bathroom and I was really thinking about painting the vanity dark brown and the rest of the cabinets white.

I love this bathroom. It is so cute and totally my style. We will see if my bathroom comes out anything like this.

Well off to bed, I hope to have a craft post tomorrow.





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