Living Room

Ok, back to the house tour. Next up the living room. Actually this room sat empty for 3 months since we did not have a lot of furniture when we moved in and preferred to use our family room more. It still is not done, but at least its presentable until I decide to work on it again.

Here is what the room looked liked during our house tour:

We really didn’t have many good before pictures, so there are my blurry mother and Aunt. Judging from the red walls, picture, and curtains I think the lady who lived here before liked a victorian style. The carpet doesn’t look too bad here but it was gross, actually Hubs and I were really grateful for this because we got Noulli right after we moved in and it was perfect for potty training. Anyway we ripped out the carpet and installed the bamboo in here that runs into the dinning room. Another thing that we ripped out was these 80’s bars:

Apparently these were all the rage in the 80’s, my aunt informed me. We also painted the trim white and primed and then painted the walls grey blue. That made the room seem huge compared to the red.

Here is a picture of the room now:

We bought the furniture from American with our first time home buyer’s credit. I still really love the couch, even though white and texture is probably not the smartest choice. Surprisingly we have the most problem with the texture because the dog and the cat keep running and jumping on the couches (even though neither is allowed on the furniture) and ripping them with their claws. I really need to cover the pillows, I love how big they are but I am really not much of a fan of the fabrics that came with the couch.  I have a picture for above the loveseat but I haven’t gotten it framed yet. (Not sure if I really like it still, so I am procrastinating.)  I would love to buy new lamps and a rug, but I haven’t found the right ones yet. Oh, well I really haven’t been looking that hard either (I don’t want to spend the money for the ones I really want I keep thinking I can DIY something cheaper.)

This is an old bookcase from target that I bought about five years ago and I was happily surprised that it matched my end tables and coffee table so well. The white tray is a perfect example of a Thrift store find that needs a filler. For Christmas I had sparkly Christmas balls in there but now I have nothing. I am working on that.

This is a slightly different angle than the previous picture. I love my chair and a half it is the perfect place to read. The pillow I found at St. Vinnies for $2. I think it was from Target and I love how big it is because I knew I needed a very large pillow for the chair since it was so large but I didn’t know what U would be able to find. Also in this picture you can see the half wall minus the bars. It looks so much better! We replaced the closet door in the foyer when we replaced all the doors. It was really cheap and extremely easy. I think we paid around $30 for the door and since the hardware was the same as the old door we just painted it and popped it in.

I still love my Hurricane vases that I bought at Homegoods. They were surprisingly cheap, but I don’t remember how much I paid. I had to make a table runner underneath the vases for my table, since a few weeks after we bought the table a naughty little boy pushed a board with a nail sticking out all over the top and scratched it up badly. (In the end I probably would have made the table runner anyway and this just gave me a reason to make one faster.)

Stay tuned for the kitchen next time!



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