Decorative Filler

I’m going to take a slight detour from the house tour to give you a peek at my current project. I am always finding cute baskets, bowls, and boxes at goodwill or St. Vinnies, but I’m cheap and I never want to pay a lot for decorative fillers.  I love all those decorative balls in the stores and catalogs, but they tend to cost $3 up to $30 or more each. I have lots and lots of space to fill and not lots and lots of money.  So, I had an idea; I wanted to buy cheap spherical things and spray paint them, but I couldn’t find anything. I found tutorials all over the web that showed jute and Styrofoam balls DIY decorative balls.  So I went looking for Styrofoam balls.  The cheapest that I could find them was around $.90 each.  That was too much for me!  So I was looking for something the same size and ended up using this:

We had a bunch laying around and when I went to Walmart to check out the price, the cheapest ones were 3 for $1.76 or around $0.59 each.  So I bought a couple more cans.  I didn’t have jute and since I didn’t know how this project would turn out I used some neutral colored yarn I had from a previously failed project and white toweling and did this:

(In case you can’t make out what I did, I wrapped the ball in the white toweling.)  I just wrapped it as tightly and smoothly as possible.

Then while holding the paper in place I wrapped the yarn around making sure to wrap over where I started.

I wrapped tightly tring to cover the ball in all directions as smoothly as possible. Until I got this:

Then I tied off the yarn onto itself and cut the yarn close to the knot.  Again I am cheap,  and did not want to buy yarn in different colors. Instead, I took 2/3 of the balls outside and spray painted one third, light blue and the other third dark brown, leaving the last third the original neutral color.  In the end I was able to get this:

The glass bowl is one I had and never used. I think it worked out quite well and in total I spent about $4 for everything.  One thing I found after I finished these was that at the dollar store (Dollar Tree) has a set of 4 Whipple balls for $1, which is even half the price of the tennis balls. So, I’m going to get a bunch of those to try some other cheap decorative filler projects.  I’m thinking paper mache (I’ll let you know if it works out!)

Here are some more pics:


3 thoughts on “Decorative Filler

  1. Clever project, it looks good! The Dollar Store balls are a great deal. I’ve peeled the moss off of Dollar Store moss rocks and glued it to balls, looks awesome! Also wrapped in muslin strips and lace. ALSO decoupaged with music paper, old book pages and neat wrapping paper. Lots of options! Dollar Store Christmas balls are another cheap option. Have fun!

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