Dinning Room

The next stop on my house tour is my dining room.  Our house is very compact in this area and we have more of an eat-in kitchen than an actual dinning room, but it works and the food doesn’t have to go far to get to the table.

This room had some very interesting aspects when we first moved in.  There was a very large cabinet on the wall that stuck out at least a foot and had a light in it that had this cord hanging down that you had to plug in in order to turn it on.  I love extra storage, but since the room was soooo small already it was not helping.  Also there was a ceiling fan that matched the cabinet and a border that completed the general theme.  Take a look at the picture:

I don’t think you can see the border or get a good impression of the paint color which was yellow and very shinny.  Also when I saw the floor was so excited for the hardwood.  It was in poor condition and it was just a veneer.  So we ended up tearing it up and putting down hardwood that went into the living room.  I also am not a fan of white plastic vertical blinds probably as a result of all my apartment living, so we just took them down and did not find anything to replace them with. (All my neighbors get a good view of us making and eating dinner every night. Oh well, I’m glad we can entertain.)  I took down the border and painted the room a very neutral beige.  Here is what it looks like now:

Can you believe we bought that whole table set for $700.  We found when we were house hunting and could not believe the deal so we bought it and had it delivered after we moved in two months later.  Two years later I still love it, the only thing I want to change are the seat covers.  I never liked the pattern and planned on changing it but I never found the time.  I went with a ‘pear’ theme.  I found the canvases on the wall at Bed Bath and Beyond for $13 for a set of 3.  Hubs was leery of buying two of the same set and putting them together, but it worked out really well and most people at first can’t tell there are doubles of all the pictures.  I really liked the color that canvas brought into the room.

This is from another angle to show my metal pear artwork I bought at Kirland for $4.  You can also spot Noulli hiding under our kitchen desk thingy.  He hates the camera and always hides like a baby when it comes out.  I really wanted a long table runner that went off the side of the table, but was having trouble finding a simple one for a decent price, so I took a sheet that I never used that came with a bed set and made my own and used some ribbon to add a little detail.

You can see the table runner a little better in this picture and also see our bamboo floor that Hubs and I put in.  Oh and I almost forgot we had my dad change the ceiling fan out for the light.  It made a huge difference, although Hubs was really sad because he thought that the ceiling fan was very practical for cooling the house.  (I think it is just his heat transfer engineering brain working)


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