Family Room Bathroom

Our house has two full bathrooms which is really nice when we have company. We have one bathroom by the bedrooms, but the other one is connected to the family room which is a little weird, a long way to go to the bedrooms in a towel. In my dream house I want a master bath. Anyway this bathroom was the furthest from my decorating taste when we moved in:

Just look at my face, I am not liking the decor. I especially loved all the shells in the room. Do you see the shell hanging on the left and there was something similar on window as well. Also the border and the wall paper were shellish too. I ripped the wall paper down only to find more wallpaper below it (a plaidish design) and painted all the woodwork white. I had my dad change the light and the mirror and this is what we have now:

The sink is still a little weirdly shaped. I think it was trendy in the 80’s along with all the light grey bathroom fixtures. The color is really not that bad, but we are running into problems because of it. The previous owner replaced the toilet seat and was not able to get one of the same color, so they bought cream. (It is not even close), anyway we looked for a seat in a similar color with the same shape and we can’t find one either so I think that we might need to just buy a whole new toilet. I would love to change the countertop to a solid surface one, but it is not in the budget right now. I love my dark espresso bamboo blinds, I think it gives a really great texture. Notice from the last post that this bathroom is the same color as my master bedroom. I originally tried to paint it light blue, but since it is a small space with a lot of walls it was almost glowing blue, then I had the paint people tint the paint darker and that did not work either, so in frustration I tried some extra paint from the bedroom and it was perfect.

This is the shower curtain that I bought from Bed Bath and Beyond for $14.99 plus $5 off with a coupon. It actually helps tie in the grey of the fixtures and best of all hides the 80’s shower doors behind it. The other thing I need besides a new toilet is more things on the walls.

This picture highlights my bare walls. I’m thinking fabric or scrapbook paper covering canvases. Oh well on my to-do list, at least I documented a starting point.


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