Master Bedroom



This picture is the inspiration picture for my master bedroom.  I love the color of the walls, so relaxing.  Actually I liked the color so much that I painted my family room bathroom the same color.

Our bedroom is an awkward shape, long and skinny with strangely placed windows, so there really is only one way to arrange the furniture, but I think that it works.  Hubs did not like the idea of the bed in front of the window (not feng shui, he literately said that), but it has been working out ok.  So here is the before picture from house hunting (please take note of the beautiful window treatments):


I really enjoyed the figurines used as decoration that look like the backs of children. I think the girl with the blue face is telling a secret to backwards hat boy.  Anyway, Hubs so disliked the window treatments that he took them down before we went to bed the first night that we were in the house.  I’m a recycler though, I took them apart and used the fabric and wood for other projects.

Here is another view of the room.  This one show cases the lovely mirrored closet doors:

One thing I loved was the sunniness (not sure if that is a word) of the room, which you can see in this picture.  Then after 8 coats of white paint on the trim (during this project I discovered two things: why people use primer and that the inspection dude was not correct when he told me Sherwin Williams and Walmart brand paint are the same things), new carpet, window treatments, furniture, and a new paint color:

I love our furniture. We bought it two years ago in February and I still love it.  The comforter we registered for the wedding 3 years ago and I thought I really liked it but now I am having second thoughts.  Hubs told me to look for another one, but with a baby and all the accidents that come with her, I think I will wait a little bit.  Anyway I do really like the three smaller decorative pillows on the bed, however this picture does not do them justice. 

As you can see we left the mirror closet door because after the room was painted they were not too bad, plus it made the room feel a little bit bigger.  I love the picture above my night stand.  A friend of ours took a picture of a light house on Lake Superior and the colors just sparkle in the picture.  My favorite picture in the room is this one:

It is a picture of my grandpa from behind rowing a boat when he was a boy.  My grandma had blown this picture up to put on her mantel at her cabin and I asked if I could have a copy.  I found the frame for $14 at Micheal’s because the frame had a scratch. 

Here is a picture of my second favorite picture in the room:

Ok, don’t mind the mess in the picture, I tried to crop it out but it wasn’t working.  The picture is of Gabs at 3 weeks old. I love the colors!

The one part of the room that needs work is this area:

I didn’t really like the mirror that came with the dresser and I was planning on putting a bunch of pictures up on the wall but some how it never happened.  I previously wrote about our outdated tv and how we are keeping this one.  Oh, and there is mess in the bottom of this picture as well.  Those would be my work clothes dumped on the bed. Opps.


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