The Hallway

The first room that I finished when we moved in was the hallway.  It was least intimitdating option, small and not a lot of wall space to cover. Here is the before picture:


The ladies in the pic are my mom (on the right) and my aunt helping us house hunting.  I know exactly what they are saying, “This house has so much potential. Oh, this would be a great room for the baby, (wink, wink).”  Our first major expense when we moved in was replacing all the carpeting upstairs.  I would totally recommend this to anyone buying a house that was previously lived in, it is sooo worth knowing exactly what has happened on the carpet.  This carpet was in really bad shape, plus each room had a different carpet upstairs.  I wish we would have taken pictures of the transitions; there were none.  Each carpet just ran up against the next one.

I rid the upstairs of oak, by painting everything white.  The office door and the basement door had fist size holes in them (anger issues from the previous owner?), so instead of just replacing those doors, we replaced all the doors with white six panel doors from home depot for $25 each.  It made a huge difference.  Also you can see it in the original picture but there is a really 80’s hanging light fixture, which had to go.  I’m so lucky that my dad is an electrician, so we have changed almost all the light fixtures in the house.  I really like the one that we put up it was only $30 at Menard’s and it has a special energy start bulb so it is really, really bright but doesn’t take that much energy.

Anyway here is the after shot:

The mirror at the other end of the hallway we purchased from Gordman’s a few years ago for $30.  That mirror is amazing I use it to get dressed in the morning and I never look quite as awesome in any other mirror. The vase was a clearance Homegoods find.  It was an Asian inspired blue and white vase that was not so cute, so I spray painted it bronze and with a paper towel I rubbed gold craft paint over it.  It turned out really well.  I bought the sticks on clearance at Joann’s and wanted to be able to arrange them, so I went outside  and scooped up some dirt to fill the vase.  Afterwards it occurred to me that there could have been bug eggs or something that could hatch and grow in the hallway.  Oh, well it has been almost two years and we are not infested with bugs, yet.


This is my linen cabinet and it was the first cabinet that I painted in the house.  I loved the transformation.  Also I picked up the hardware at Menards for $2.19 a piece.  Just ignore the old TV in our bedroom.  We were going to get a flat screen for Christmas, but we realized it would only be for looks since the TV is not even plugged in and hasn’t been for months.  So that TV stays, it works.


I really like the pictures on the wall and you can see them right when you walk out of the bathroom.  They are of Hubs’s family from our wedding.  Since he is South American, he rarely sees his family and it was so wonderful that so many were able to come for the wedding, I know it is really nice for him to see those pictures all the time.

Ok, that is all for the hallway, next up the master bedroom.


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